Creating accessible currency exchange services for the Nigerian Diaspora

We understand the difficulties Nigerians at home and abroad encounter in trying to buy or sell foreign money on a regular basis. We get it, it’s hard. We’re building a product that solves this, for everyone. This is a chance to fix a problem that affects both individuals and businesses.

Our Promises

A better way to exchange foreign currency

We believe that no one should have to choose between bad and worse. That’s why we are creating a system where you shouldn’t have to settle for the roadside FX changers price hike.

More innovative ways to do things

As a brand that is big on innovation, we are consistently brainstorming more innovative solutions to meet your needs.

A wide array of options

We believe that it’s important to have options, which is why our platform provides you with a variety of methods to trade your fx.

Safety first

We prioritize your security above all else to protect you from impersonation or intrusion. This is why we verify every user before they can start trading on the platform.

Meet The Team

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William Olojede


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Emediong Umoh


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Favour Olusoji

Product Manager

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Remilekun Salami

Software Developer

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Peterson Oaikhenah

Software Developer

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Basit Lamidi

Product Designer

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Imaobong Umoh

Legal & Compliance Officer